Batman's Arkham Asylum Recreated With 18,000 Lego Pieces


It was recently announced that Lego would be releasing an official set featuring the Batcave from the classic ’60s television series. Now, one Lego builder seems to have taken matters into his own hands and has built himself a place to house Batman’s baddies out of 18,000 Lego bricks.

Lego architect Dayton (who goes by Forgotten Days on Flickr) spent years planning and three months getting the Lego Arkham Asylum built (via Brothers Brick). He unveiled it at Brickvention, a Lego convention in Australia.

Arkham Asylum’s front yard features guards and the Batmobile. If you tilt your gaze upwards, you’ll notice Batman and Catwoman hanging out on the roof of the insane asylum. When you take a look inside, you’ll see five rooms and seven cells. The rooms are occupied by doctors, guards, and Batman’s sidekicks, Robin and Nightwing.

In the bottom floor of the asylum, you’ll find Batman’s Rogues Gallery locked behind bars. The villains include The Joker, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, and more.

Earlier this month, we reported on another builder who created a Lego Star Wars AT-AT out of 6,000 pieces. Another creative person recreated a Rainbow Six Siege multiplayer match out of the colored bricks.