Ark: Survival Evolved Update Adds Fast Three-Seater Dinosaur and New Items


Ark: Survival Evolved’s latest update adds a new form of transportation for you and your friends–two of them, to be exact. Studio Wildcard has brought the Gallimimus, a speedy dinosaur that seats three, and new items to its first-person survival game.

The Gallimimus is fast, can jump long distances, and seats three passengers–in fact, it’s the only dinosaur that can do the latter. However, its downsides include its inability to collect resources, attack other dinosaurs, and defend itself.

The new items include SWAT-style Assault armor, Electric Prod stun weapon, and Greenhouse/Glass tileset with plant-growing benefits. The update will also improve save and load times.

New special name tags and custom hat skins are coming for the Wildcard admin team, Wildcard non-admin team, authorized external testers, and “Dev Kit Masters.”

Ark: Survival Evolved is currently in Early Access on Steam. Players wanting to jump into the dinosaur action at a discount will be happy to know that the Humble Store’s winter sale currently has Ark discounted at 40 percent off.

It launches its full release this summer on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR support, and PC. It’s currently available on Xbox One through the Game Preview program. This update is currently only available on PC.