After Less Than a Week, The Witness Is Already Outperforming Braid


Despite some level of piracy affecting it, Jonathan Blow’s new puzzle game The Witness is off to a fast start it seems. He said on Twitter that The Witness, in less than one week, is already outpacing his last game, Braid.

on PlayStation 4 and PC, The Witness generated more revenue during its first week than Braid did during its entire first year, Blow said. The Witness sells for $40, while Braid was offered for $15 at launch back in 2008. Another important thing to note is Braid launched as an Xbox 360-exclusive.

Additionally, The Witness’ first-week sales on a unit basis will pass Braid’s first-week (but maybe not first-year) numbers, Blow estimated.

The success of The Witness may bode well for whatever Blow makes next, too. He says the strong start means his next project can be made “at a comparable budget level” or potentially higher.

You can check out Blow’s tweets on the The Witness’ sales performance below. Note that sales are likely to expand further still, as The Witness is also coming to iOS and possibly Xbox One.

It’s hard to talk about numbers without breaking NDAs, but The Witness is on track to sell more in a week than Braid sold in its first year,

— Jonathan Blow (@Jonathan_Blow) January 31, 2016

and Braid was a hit indie game! (I’ll let you know if this officially happens!) Which is not to be too money-oriented, it’s just great that

— Jonathan Blow (@Jonathan_Blow) January 31, 2016

we’ll be able to make the next game at a comparable budget level (maybe bigger, we’ll see!)

— Jonathan Blow (@Jonathan_Blow) January 31, 2016

@Dr_CuddleSlut More by revenue. Number of copies will beat Braid’s first week but not year, I don’t think (maybe!)

— Jonathan Blow (@Jonathan_Blow) January 31, 2016

GameSpot scored The Witness a 9/10.

“There are still things about The Witness I can’t make sense of–some clues I might never notice, and some puzzles I might never solve,” critic Mike Mahardy said in his review. “But the hints are there. It might not all be clear at first, but that’s okay, because I’m always learning.”

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