9 dreams give the signal you will meet with misfortune all the way


Interpreting, decoding the dream, if you had one of 9 dreams,  be careful, misfortune  is looking to you. Dreams give the signal that you are going to meet the bad luck  in the future.

  1. The car is broken


you are rich or you are poor, all kinds of personal vehicles we can use today including bicycles, motorbikes, cars … are all included.


In the dream, if you see your car is pierced or broken tire, battery, broken lamp … you should  not be too worried.


This is a dark dream, but it does not gave the signal of bad luck, because the vehicle and the damaged parts are all things outside the body. However, the dream of warning the coming time, your fortune will certainly be wasted no less.

  1. Dreaming to say goodbye with everyone


From interpreting the dream,   this is a dream portent for someone who is has bad behave with you. He must be behind your back and is stealthily tricking you into trouble and trouble.

  1. dream that your house is damaged


The house is a place to live, therefore if  the house is stable, the people living in the new protection and long-term protection, peace of mind to live. If the dream you find your home is severely damaged, such as walls, broken doors, cracked ceiling in real life, be careful .


This is a dream portent, said the disaster will strike at any time. Only thing, it will only affect you alone, and the other members peace of mind. It could be broken leg, broken arm or fall car …

  1. Dream that you are drunk


Deciphering the dream would reveal that if you are not passionate about colors, but you often dream about having nightmares with friends, always in unconscious state, you need to be extremely alert.


This is a dream harbinger that you will experience ailment or sickness in a long time.

  1. dream that your hair is cut or broken teeth


In dreams, if you find yourself strangled by a stranger or accidentally break your teeth without bleeding, then in real life, your family must prepare for a tremendous change.


Because teeth and hair are intimately connected with our bodies, it also represents close relationships in the family such as parents, spouses and siblings.


A disaster can be a fire or scary rather than life-threatening events.


  1. Spicy , hot food.


I find myself eating a lot of spicy and hot food like Korean food, or garlic spices, chili, onion, chives … or eat   hot dishes, then in the real life you will be in trouble, which is concerned about litigation or disputes.


  1. dream that you fall down from above


Dreaming about falling from the sky or suddenly falling and waking up is a harbinger of a dream that implies you and your family   to get caught. Maybe it’s just a frustration at work or more complicated than a troubled relationship or a relationship with a co-worker.

  1. Dream that you look dirty clothes


In the dream you find yourself extremely haphazard, ragged clothes, but when you wake up, you are dressed in clean, clean pajamas or clothes, obviously you are facing a spousal affair or being betrayed by friends.


Because clothes symbolize the love and affection of your partner, when half appear strange expression, eat the edge cleansing, high possibility that you will have this scary dream. Be skillful in tracing and adjusting, warm up the sentiment of your spouse.


  1. Dream that you are abandoned by the lover


From interpreting the dream, this harbinger in the dream alluded to all your plans that you will face with many difficulties, even more difficult, especially no one will be able to help you in this critical moment. You have to force yourself .