9 best hidden heavens in the world


Kiến trúc đỉnh cao và nội thất sang trọng chính là điểm khác biệt thu hút của Las Lajas.

Even most connoisseurs may not know about the existence of these paradises. Not widely known, their peace is almost perfect.

Many great places in the world are not popular tourist destinations, as their locations are difficult to reach in the usual way.

Not islands with blue water or flower fields with beautiful waterfalls, all these mysterious places are like paradise in fairy tales.

Bright Side travel website has found 15 secret places on the planet that most tourists have not heard. Do not miss the opportunity to be one of the first people to set foot in here.

1. Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blagaj, a small village among the waterfalls in the Mostar Basin of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

White Tekke monastery with small windows under the cliffs is the soul of the village, the mysterious place in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The natural beauty and ancient architecture of Blagaj’s stone houses create the space and closed terrain that anyone desires to see.

2. Huacachina Town, Peru

It takes about 5 hours to travel from the Peruvian capital to Huacachina. The town in the midst of this vast desert is said to be the most beautiful and peaceful place on earth.

Few people live here, so the oasis of Huacachina is the perfect place to escape the world. Long walks are considered by locals to be the most enjoyable pilgrimage of life that anyone should try.

3. Hillier Lake, Australia

Hillier Lake is located in Australia’s Middle West, this fiery pink lake was discovered in 1802, the water color remains the same from day to day.

Not only the special water color but the landscape surrounding the lake also looks like a painting full of vitality.

4. Hidden beach, Marieta, Mexico

Playa de Amor, the beach has clear and sparkling water, makes everyone fall in love with its unrivaled solitary beauty.

Rowing activities through the caves in Playa, will help you discover other beaches that are also hiding on the island of Marieta.

5. Popeye Village, Malta

Popeye village built small wooden houses to make film studios in the 1980s.

Today, the village retains its old architecture, with just a few more modern details such as amusement parks or cafes with beautiful views of the ocean.

6. Dongchuan Red Soil, China

Dongchuan Valley is located in the mountainous region of Kunming, Yunnan Province. Due to its remote location and lack of infrastructure, this place is lost on China’s tourism map.

Dongchuan was discovered in the mid-1990s with beautiful red wavy terraces. Much of the information is that the mineral content and gypsum are the main causes of the land’s fresh color.

7. The gate of Turkmenistan

This huge burning hole was called “the gate to hell” by local people. Geologists have discovered that large amounts of toxic gases in the pits can harm humans and livestock and destroy them with a fire.

Imagine that after a few days the fire would shut itself off but it would remain on fire for 45 years and there would be no sign of stopping, and this unbelievable phenomenon became the place where many people took turns to watch.

8. Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

This small town is located in a rocky area in southern Spain for nearly eight centuries. Local people call it “rocky town” because the walls and roofs of the houses are huge basalt stones.

The rocks not only help local people avoid the sun and wind, but they also bring a beautiful landscape.

9. Las Lajas Cathedral, Colombia

Las Lajas is located in a canyon on the border of Colombia and Ecuador, surrounded by clear waters and rocky banks and waterfalls.

                                                                                                                    By: Anna Lee