8 signs show that he wants to leave you



His love for you is over, or less, so you will receive more coolness than the warmth in the past.


Sometimes you do not need to wait for him to say goodbye, you can also feel he is gradually losing his feelings. There are a lot of signs from men which is easy for you to know he is tired of the relationship and he is considering breaking up.


  1. He does everything he feels like


When a man is depressed, he will stop taking care of his woman and just do whatever he likes. He does everything without his girlfriend’s consent and makes every decision without  considering whether it affects love.


  1. He does not listen to you anymore


He thinks that he does not need to listen to his women anymore. He was tired of listening for the past few months and now he wants to free .


  1. He is angry without reasons


This is a common trait of men when they feel tired of relationships. He gets angry for no reason and wears a permanent ‘resentful’ face when staying with you. He was completely happy to be with his friends.

  1. He’s angry even though you make a small mistake.

Likewise, he will immediately be angry with your small mistake. The bugs that he had not been exposed to before suddenly became unacceptable and unbearable.


  1. He can even hit you.

Although this is not common in all men, some men tend to move their hands when being angry and depressed. He can slap, or hit you without thinking.

  1. He stopped paying attention to you

A man who does not love his woman will also stop paying attention to her. He is tired of the relationship, so he will not feel the need to show his interest anymore. He paid more attention to himself and his friends.

  1. He spends less time with you

Your presence just makes him feel tired and upset. He will not want to spend more time with you. The trips will gradually less, even the message, call .

  1. He stopped talking love

To him, love becomes boring. He no longer actively says that he loves you. And even if you send him a long word of love, get the word ‘ok’ or ‘know’, even silence.