5 signs that you are doing the gym wrong and over


Please stop the gym when the following symptoms appear. The practice is not helping your shape better, but also adversely affect health!

Gym is a movement everyone responding. However, improper or over-exercising the gym can have unintended consequences. If you see two of the five signs below, stop exercising and think about going to the doctor, or apply a more scientific regimen under the coach’s direction:

Bruise with unknown reasons

The bumps increasingly appear on your body, especially the arms and legs, where you do not collide at all? It is a sign of subcutaneous damage. Causes may be due to excessive stretching or distortion in training. Now, stop the practice for a few days, go to the doctor to find out the cause immediately!

Stinging pain

Feeling light or tender when exercising is quite normal, but be careful with pain like having a skin prick. It can appear after or even during exercising. Stop now, sit back, relax for a few minutes and see as soon as possible. Pricking is a manifestation of nervous system disorder, it is not only a painful problem, but it can also involve some risk of body function and reflexes if you are subjective.

The pain comes when you have to change your position

With pose positions like a plank or foot resting on the wall, mild aches are not a problem. But sometimes you will have painful throbs that cause you immediately have to change the posture. It will become more ominous if after a few days, the pain is not over. You should not prolong this condition and seek medical advice as soon as possible, as it may be the beginning of chronic pain!

Cannot sleep

Pain and strain in the gym? Alright. But if the pain affects your activities after the gym, then the problem is considerable. Some dangerous pains can affect your sleep, making you sleep hard. Be careful if you are feeling restless, difficult after a gym session!

Exhausted, sluggish the days later

Usually, you will get tired after exercising. But after a cool bath, you will feel the body refreshed. If you are still tired and exhausted for the next few days, especially working and learning are less focused and less effective, stop exercising. You may have pushed your body to the limit and it will react with such negative mental states. In the long run, physical exertion can lead to depression.

                                                                                                            By: Anna Lee