4 things not to do while travel in Myanmar


During your travel in Myanmar, there is no need to wear shoes because you will tie yours shoes off 20 times a day in most famous temples of Bagan.

With Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam…Myanmar has become “the ideal destination of the year” for all travelers:  affordable price, many beautiful tourist attractions … Myanmar with the men wearing dress, women face covered by Thanaka cream and the smell of betel across the street…is very close to Vietnam but full of strange things. Here are 4 things to avoid to travel in Myanmar “without regrets”.

  1. Do not wear expensive shoes

You can leave your favorite shoes at home. Myanmar is a Buddhist country with thousands of temples, and in all the temples, visitors will be asked to remove shoes before entering. The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon has the place to keep shoes for tourists, but in places like Bagan, small temples along the road…travelers have to put shoes at entrance.

  1. Do not “dream” a luxury hotel if you don’t have much money

The hotel is expensive in Myanmar. Contrary to travel, food costs…which are cheap, hotel in Myanmar is expensive in comparison to adjacent countries while the mid-range hotel is quite old and not very good in quality.

  1. Do not “check-in” at the Shwesandaw

With more than 2000 temples and pagodas in Bagan ancient capital, Shwesandaw remains one of the most famous locations, is an extremely popular place to watch the sunrise and sunset during travel Myanmar. Lots of pictures of the sunset behind the ancient temples or the balloon flying up in the dawn of Bagan are taken from Shwesandaw. This is the reason that you look for another place if possible.

  1. Do not hire a private car in Yangon

Simply because Yangon, the largest city and former capital of Myanmar, is the place where bicycles and motorcycles are prohibited. Local people take bus, taxi or their private car. Taxi in Yangon is not expensive and you can bargain price but the city also has lots of traffic. The most convenient way is to have a hotel in the center, close to the places you intend to visit or to avoid the rush hour.

Source: http://www.ethnies-mekong.com