4 animal designations should be careful in this month.


4 animal designations will get bad luck in this month.

Tiger Age

Because the movement of the tiger is reduced significantly, moreover there is not much sand screening so it is difficult to work. Your career is not ideal when your work is stuck, your mind is languid, lacking in concentration and difficult to find clear direction. The financial fortune is not very good, if someone keeps the level of stability . it is not to mention the breakthrough. Both financial and financial revenues are unlikely to yield satisfactory results, if the investment is easier to make a loss, make more money and struggle, while spending on all aspects of life is increasing. .

The love story of the Tiger Age is also under great pressure from the face of the four actions. Monetary psychology is agitated and difficult to control emotions, speech and impulsive actions that hurt others. This is also the cause of a series of conflicts that arise in the relationship around you. Your condition is good but due to the influence from the surrounding environment factors and the hot weather, it is easy to get sick with other ailments, in addition to, they should pay  attention to food hygiene and safety.

Dragon Age

Dragon age  people also need to pay close attention during the days of May, 2017. The task of the fate is difficult, challenging, sometimes makes you feel tired, disoriented and want to give up midway.

The black money swirled to make the financial situation, career deterioration. In May, they also do not have much money, family feelings are also colder, until the end of the year to improve.

Pig age

In the month of July, the swine flu caused the movement of the Han people significantly decreased, the work appeared many obstacles, life is difficult to avoid late, although the destined psychological preparation but still find it difficult Overcome this stage.

The fortunes of pigs this month face many pressures, especially in early months of strong fluctuations, investment is easy to be deceived, losses. Therefore Pig should not be active, need to take control as the master, accrue as weight, take the erection.

Health tends to decrease, morbid tired fatigue, body weakness, although illness not encountered but minor ailments are also difficult to avoid. You often feel pain in the joint muscles, the main cause of this situation is the motor activity and the habit of non-moderation.

In the affair the people of Pig faced with many difficulties, problems. In part because of the impact of the relationship is harmful, the other is the bad guy behind the back to sabotage their feelings. But if the two of you face the challenge together, you will find out your feelings.

Monkey Age 

Monkey age people will face two completely opposite poles this month. Part of them will reap many opportunities to develop their careers, but besides, they will also face the risk of being praised by black athletes.

In May, the human age absolutely needs to be absolutely guarded, should not be gullible news or pity others who disadvantage themselves. Especially those who are low rank in the collective, surrounded by bad forces, eat blocking, causing harmless market, humiliation