3 truths about C-section mothers that everyone should know


Health, 3 truths about C-section mothers that everyone should know. Motherhood is not easy, it requires lots of responsibility and dedication, but in the end it’s all very rewarding.

You’ll need a lot of strength and courage to go through with a C-section, and only a woman and a mother can deal with it in an admirable and stoic way. Here are 3 truths that only women who’ve gone through a C-section know:

1. They bravely face the consequences of a surgical intervention

You may think that a C-section is a pretty routine procedure, but it actually counts as major surgery. And just like any other type of major surgery, it comes with some risks for both mother and child.

Another thing is that the father or family members aren’t allowed in the operating room during birth. You’ll have to be alone without any direct support.

So it’s quite a battle to push through pain, fear and anxiety, and it takes a lot of strength to endure and give birth to your beautiful baby.

2. They don’t know if everything’s alright until they leave the operating room

Sometimes, the risk of complications doesn’t disappear with the birth of the baby. As with every surgery, doctors can’t be certain that everything’s gone smoothly until the anesthesia has completely worn off.

Another fact that few people are aware of, is that during the C-section the mother is conscious, she doesn’t feel any pain, but she does feel all the movement happening inside her. It’s an uncomfortable, invasive feeling, and, if you haven’t been made previously aware of it, it can be pretty traumatic. Nevertheless, mothers endure it with poise because they know the reward is great.

3. They go through their post-cesarian recovery as true heroines

A child requires the mother’s full attention, and she must comply with its demands without question. This requires a predisposition and dynamics that can often become very exhausting. And on top of all that stress, imagine being in pain. Pain and discomfort are an inevitable part of the recovery process following surgery.This gives mothers even more strength, giving them to push their own limits and grow internally.

No matter how difficult it gets, you must do it happily and with love. Every second spent holding that little hand, looking at the smile of a newborn baby makes it all worth it.

Mothers deserve all the praise in the world, and should carry their scars as badges of courage and pride. Don’t hide it and don’t be ashamed of it, because not every woman has what it takes to deserve that privilege.