$10,000 to buy ‘scrap iron’ bus


The old Volkswagen bus in a hoax state  like scrap iron was auctioned on eBay and the auction’s leader paid $ 10,000 to own.

With cars in this condition, perhaps the owner was thinking of finding the nearest scrap yard to throw away. However, for many others, this is still a value car.

According to Carscoops, the old Volkswagen bus was auctioned on eBay and the winner had spent up to $10,000 to own.

However, when the restoration is done, these old buses cost between $150,000 and $200,000. Since then car buyers can make a profit. In 2016, many people have made big money from the sale of restored Volkswagen buses.

The carsold out has almost damaged all the details. However, items for car restoration are still available. Therefore, if car body is bought, restoration will not be too complicated.

The floor has decayed to reveal the rusty frame below. The actual situation like this will give the buyer more time to restore.

The entire window glass, the upper canvas top was completely damaged.

However, the important thing is that the VIN of the car retains its clarity.

At $10,000, many people are looking to buy old cars which still have the ability to operate instead of  taking home an scrap iron pile and restore them like this.