10 jobs make you gain weight easily


Teachers, policemen, and artists are jobs make you gain weight easily.
Recently, Harris Interactive, a US market research firm, has conducted an online survey to find out the many stressful occupations and high rates of weight gain. Here are the results published by Harris Interactive.

1. Travel agency
Not everyone who works in the travel industry will travel regularly, exploring new experiences. Working offices at travel agents, you must strive to please, plan and organize the trip for the customer. This process is quite stressful because not only meet the needs of customers, but also to achieve the goal of revenue. In addition, this job must also sit for hours continuously.

2. Lawyer
In this job, stress and pressure are considered normal. Therefore, lawyers tend to eat to relieve, uncontrolled intake and calorie intake into the body, easy to gain weight.

3. Social worker
Similar to travel agents, social workers often have to spend hours at desks, no opportunities to exercise, or take part in any physical activity during work hours.

4. Teachers

10 cong viec de khien ban tang can hinh anh 1

Despite sometimes standing up to write the board but most of the time, teachers often sit at the desk. Jobs outside the classroom also cause them to sit as often as planning the lessons, grading exams.

5. Artists, designers, architects
These groups have a very flexible working time. But for this reason, people working in these fields often have erratic hours of living and eating.

6. Administrative Assistant
This position requires regular workers who are ready to help others. Work is more stressful and anxious, not only that the job also creates the bad habit of eating lunch in front of the computer.

7. Scientist
Mastery of the mind is often accompanied by lack of flexibility. The desire to learn and discover new things that make scientists often immersed in work, forget about both fatigue and eating.

At NASA’s US Aerospace Agency, they encourage exercise during office hours and disseminate anti-weight programs.

8. Police

10 cong viec de khien ban tang can hinh anh 2

Police are a stressful profession and do not have much time for a decent meal that is often associated with fast food, so weight gain is one of the most common features of this job.

9. Marketing and public relations specialist
This is also one of the occupations without a fixed schedule. They usually have very free time, but there are times of work forgetting the day or tired to run to plan.

10. IT specialist
This is a field that combines science and creativity. People who work in this field are tied to the computer screen and have too much pressure. They also often have to work late and lead to some bad eating habits.

                                                                                                              By: Anna Lee