Nokia 9 will be better than Galaxy S8?

This device owns a bezel screen, with the top and bottom edges almost disappearing altogether. Nokia will sell three Android smartphones globally but that's just...

‘The final design of iPhone 8’

IDropNews proclaims mobile image with overflow design and the Home button in the screen which they have posted is the final prototype of iPhone...

Uber: We did not steal Google’s self-driving tech

Uber has said claims it used self-driving technology stolen from Google were “demonstrably false”.Waymo - a company spun out of Google - filed a...

Facebook to offer users tips on spotting fake news

Social network says it has responsibility to reduce amount of fake news on platform and help users make informed decisions.Facebook’s page on fake news,...

Everything We Know About Xbox Scorpio So Far

Microsoft calls Project Scorpio — the company’s edgy codename for its revamped, boutique Xbox One due by holiday 2017 — the “most powerful console ever.” And on paper it certainly looks to be. Since it’s not a new console but a refresh of an existing one, designed to live squarely in the Xbox One-verse of current-gen content, it’s raison d’être can be summed as follows: graphics, graphics, graphics.

Every Nintendo Switch Launch Game We Know About So Far

Nintendo’s mobile/handheld Switch game console arrives on March 3. And as that date approaches, we’re seeing new titles step up.

This Is Samsung’s Plan To End its Exploding Smartphone Problem

After announcing the cause behind the issues that plagued its Note 7 smartphone, Samsung is sharing details about how it hopes to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Review: ‘Resident Evil 7’ Looks Backward for Better and Worse

This is where Resident Evil needed to go. Back to baleful shadows on shabby wallpaper and gasping crawls under gungy floorboards. Back to residential spaces haunted by devotional ideograms and the sinister footfalls of unknown things. Back to a place where words like “Wesker” or “Redfield” or “Raccoon City” might as well be obscure incantations.

Google Doodle Honors Pioneering Disability Activist Ed Roberts

Google Doodle payed homage on Monday to what would have been the 78th birthday of pioneering disability campaigner Ed Roberts — who fought throughout his lifetime for people with disabilities to have the right to fully participate in society — with artwork featuring the activist giving a lecture from his wheelchair.

How Slack Wants to Keep You From Getting Overwhelmed by Slack

Slack and similar workplace chat software may have changed how we communicate with our coworkers, but they haven’t necessarily cut down on how often we communicate with them.

6 New Tech Items That Will Simplify Your Life

Upgrading your speaker system has never been easier. This clever gadget turns any old speaker into one that’s Bluetooth enabled. Simply attach it to your system via A/V, RCA, or 3.5mm jack input, pair with your smartphone or tablet, and you’re ready to stream.

How To Use the Amazon Echo’s Secret Celebrity Alarm Clocks

Love him or hate him, people generally have strong feelings about Alec Baldwin. And depending on whether you love or hate waking up in the morning, his voice could be the perfect alarm clock. So, instead of using the default chime on the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, you can set your Echo speaker to use his voice to give you a wake up call.

Samsung Announces What Really Caused Those Galaxy Note 7 Fires

(SEOUL)— Samsung Electronics said Monday that problems with the design and manufacturing of batteries in its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones caused them to overheat and burst into fire.

6 Desk Accessories To Spice Up Your Cubicle

Strike Gold File OrganizerNeatly file away folders, loose-leaf papers and other documents within this organizer. The acrylic construction makes it easy to see.

This Smart Lock Will Make You Actually Want a Smart Lock

Smart locks are mostly a gamble: They promise the ability to unlock your home with only your smartphone, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that they’re somehow less secure than regular deadbolts. The Kwikset Premis, however, packs all the intelligence you want in a door lock while still keeping your pad on lockdown.

This Anime-Style Selfie App Is Suddenly Everywhere

Camera apps like Instagram and Snapchat usually enjoy a comfortable spot at the top of the App Store charts. But a photo editing app unfamiliar to many smartphone owners in the U.S. has steadily climbed the rankings in recent days: Meitu.

Here’s a Great Reason to Dust Off Your Wii U

Quick, name your five favorite N64 games. Star Fox 64 is somewhere in there, right? Well then I’ve got great news for you.

Meet Nintendo’s First ‘Fire Emblem’ for Smartphones

During a special video presentation Wednesday afternoon, Nintendo unveiled its third game for smartphones, a tactical roleplaying game staged in its medieval fantasy fueled Fire Emblem series.

Watch Out for This Frighteningly Effective Gmail Scam

Security researchers have identified a “highly effective” phishing scam that’s been fooling Google Gmail customers into divulging their login credentials. The scheme, which has been gaining popularity in the past few months and has reportedly been hitting other email services, involves a clever trick that can be difficult to detect.

Watch Out For This iPhone-Crashing Text Message

A single text message could cause your iPhone to temporarily freeze and restart, according to several reports. The troublesome text won’t affect devices running Apple’s latest software, iOS 10.2, but could lock up phones running earlier versions of iOS 10.